Topic 3: Reflection.

This topic was a bit of a challenge for me as I have never personally been inclined into making my self internet known. Using MaTTcom as an example made me appreciate people who put effort into their online profile even more. After reading other people’s blogs I soon realise how naive I was into thinking that the popularity is a lot, if not totally, luck based. The topic also allowed me to appreciate authenticity in general and how hard people work to be authentic in an already diverse online culture.

My comment on Andy’s blog approached the topic in a different manner. I initially had an impression that the process of making yourself presentable online essentially removes a lot of freedom that the internet was made for. Andy made a good point in his reply that the process does restrict freedom in a way but it also works to our advantage.

My second comment was on Pippa’s blog on how she identified not being ambiguous as important in developing an authentic profile. My questioned stemmed from the many internet celebrities that get critically analysed from time to time from just not making themselves clear enough. This video is a recent example that I have encountered where hip hop star Kanye West gets into a verbal altercation with host Sway in a radio talk show. The comments from the video from youtube and other websites caught my attention more than the argument itself. People even went as far as diagnosing West as having Psychological issues. Be concise people.


My comment on Andy’s blog

Andy’s reply to my comment 

My comment on Pippa’s blog

Kanye West’s argument with Sway


The Story of MaTTcom: “Mediocre Freelance Artist” to General Manager of CLG


Matthew “MaTTcom” Marikian is currently the General Manager of Counter Logic Gaming, an eSports organisation based on one of the most popular current games, League of Legends. I will be using MaTTcom’s successful journey through the eSports scene as an example of  the right steps to take in which to develop an authentic online professional profile.

Branding and Visibility

MaTTcom started out a freelance artist, an “overwhelmingly mediocre” one as he stated out in his blog. He realised that what he could not produce with pure talent alone, he could compensate with being highly flexible and adaptive in his work. MaTTcom expanded his talent in the game League of Legends by producing related art work . His work soon gained a lot of attention by the gaming community through mediums such as reddit and his personal deviantart profile. While MaTTcom may not be the most talented in his field, he made up for it by marketing himself really well which is considerably more important (Chamorro-Premuzic, 2013). A quick search on League of Legends sub reddit of “MaTTcom” yields these results (the thousand numbers are upvotes, the reddit equivalent of Facebook likes):

Quick search on Reddit of MaTTcom's work
Quick search on Reddit of MaTTcom’s work

Standing Out

MaTTcom stayed relevant in the eSports scene by affiliating a portion of his work to a League of Legends team, which is the same team he is managing now, Counter Logic Gaming or CLG. MaTTcom was not only one of the popular artists amongst the League of Legends community but was probably the only one that was worth CLG’s attention. This may not have been as simple as the ‘Employ Adam‘ case but MaTTcom stood out just as well and that is what mattered back when League of Legends was at the beginnings of its popularity.

While it can be said MaTTcom was lucky that he got into the League of Legends scene relatively early and that he dove into a huge gap in the market, he made him self known, stood out and stayed relevant to develop his professional profile.


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